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August 16, Thursday 2018 9:23 AM       
       HEADLINES: Stranded girl seeks help via Facebook                                              Let contentious issues, extraneous debates not distract us: Prez's I-Day message to the nation                                              Modi says corrupt, black money hoarders will not be spared                                              ‘Sleeping elephant’ woke up, India to lead world growth for three decades: PM Modi                                              Scotland Yard returns 12th century stolen Buddha statue to India on I-Day                                              Trump Tower operators sued over water release into river                                              Anger grows in Italy as bridge toll rises to 38                                              Former India captain Ajit Wadekar no more                                              Kaumudi Facebook
         Kerala techies launch portal to facilitate relief measures    
The Kerala chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), an organization of professionals with the support of IT Mission, has launched a web portal called, to help coordinate the various rescue and relief operations being carried out by various NGOs, citizen initiatives, government agencies, army and navy, The Times of India reported.

         Here's what you may not know about H2O    
WASHINGTON D C: A recent study has discovered new properties of water that previously went unnoticed. Liquid water is known to be an excellent transporter of its own autoionization products; that is, the charged species obtained when a water molecule (H2O) is split into protons (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH?). This remarkable property of water makes it a critical component in emerging electrochemical energy production and storage technologies such as fuel cells and life itself would not be possib

         Alexa will tell you when it has done its homework    
Washington: Amazon's digital voice assistant Alexa will now come back to you to answer your question from three days ago. As part of its latest efforts at making Alexa more helpful and intuitive, Amazon has reportedly added a new feature called Answer Update. Spotted by Voicebox, the feature has started showing up on some Alexa-enabled devices in the US.

         Students recreate horrific atomic bombings of Hiroshima using VR technology    
HIROSHIMA: One of the most painful histories of the human civilization is the 1945 atomic attack carried out by the United States on the city of Hiroshima, Japan, which killed around 140,000 people and left scars in the memories of uncountable others till date. 73 years later, a group of students at the Fukuyama Technical High School has attempted to recreate the spine-chilling World War II episode using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Time reported. The students took two years to create a fi

         Study discovers compounds that can reverse cell ageing    
WASHINGTON: In a breakthrough study, researchers have developed new compounds that could reverse human cell ageing. The study was performed at the University of Exeter. Professor Lorna Harries said that the goal was to help people stay healthier for longer. She added, "This is about health span and quality of life, rather than merely extending lifespan." In a laboratory study of endothelial cells - which line the inside of blood vessels - researchers tested compounds designed to target mitoc

         Online interactive courses on AI in trading, first time on internet    
MUMBAI: While the whole world is talking about machines taking over the financial markets, QuantInsti is busy prepping the next generation of algorithmic and quantitative traders to meet the challenges of coming decades. How to make sense of statistics, econometrics, financial computing and trading strategies by using advanced techniques of deep learning and artificial intelligence? Quantra has a solution. A student report of Stanford University based on the application of deep learning to alg

         Apple to fix devices damaged by Japan's floods for free    
CALIFORNIA: Apple wants to help Japan flood victims in its own way possible. The company is promising to fix any repairable Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad damaged during the disaster. Apple will fix these devices at no cost. Customers need to call Apple Support to get their devices picked up for repair, Cnet reported. It is to be noted that Apple typically does not cover liquid damage, however, it has made an exception in case of its affected Japanese customers who can get their devices fix

         IT industry should focus on developing new technologies    
Hyderabad: Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu today said the IT industry should focus on innovation and developing new technologies, apart from skilling the youth to provide gainful employment.

         Skype adds read receipts to chats    
WASHINGTON: Skype has finally added the read receipts feature to make your chats feel acknowledged. If your message is seen by the other party, their avatar will show up below, indicating the message has been read, Engadget reported. The feature is available for one-on-one and group conversations with up to 20 people. You can turn it off from your privacy settings.

         Mobile app for replacement of transformers in Raj    
Jaipur: Farmers in Rajasthan will soon have the ease to get their defunct transformers replaced within six hours of registering a complaint through a mobile app.

         Kashmiri students make solar boat for Dal Lake    
SRINAGAR: In a bid to encourage tourism in Kashmir, a team of Kashmiri students, studying engineering in Chandigarh's Aryans Group of Colleges have made a solar boat for Dal lake. The two-seater boat, with the load carrying capacity of 150 kg, was launched today in function held at Nehru Park in Srinagar. The innovation was carried out by 12 B.Tech students, mostly from Kashmir valley along with other team members from Jammu.

         NASA prepares to fly probe into Sun's scorching atmosphere    
CAPE CANAVERAL: NASA is preparing to send a probe closer to the Sun than any other spacecraft has ventured, enduring wicked heat while zooming through the solar corona to study this outermost part of the stellar atmosphere that gives rise to the solar wind. The Parker Solar Probe, a robotic spacecraft the size of a small car, is slated to launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida, with Aug. 6 targeted as the launch date for the planned seven-year mission. It is set to fly into the Sun’s corona

         Yoga helps against non-communicable diseases: WHO    
New Delhi: Routine physical activity is central to life-long health and wellbeing. Among other benefits, adequate physical activity improves muscular and cardio respiratory fitness, enhances bone and functional health, and helps prevent depression and promote mental health. Crucially, it also reduces the risk of life-threatening non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as hypertension, stroke, heart attack and diabetes - conditions that already cause an estimated 8.5 million deaths across the W

         Spironolactone can help prevent acne: Study    
WASHINGTON DC: A study recently conducted has revealed that Spironolactone, a diuretic drug, can be helpful for people dealing with acne, a common disorder amongst women.

         Older Amazonian forests help regulate global climate    
WASHINGTON DC: Turns out, tall and older Amazonian forests help in regulating global climate system. According to a research conducted by the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, photosynthesis in tall Amazonian forests - forests above 30m - is three times less sensitive to precipitation variability than in shorter forests of less than 20m.

         Goal conflict linked to depressive symptoms    
WASHINGTON DC: Torn about which goal to chase? It could be associated with psychological distress, a study suggested. A survey of more than 200 young adults by the University of Exeter and Edith Cowan University (ECU) investigated two forms of motivational conflict.

         A new world: Top 10 new species for 2018    
WASHINGTON DC: Many unknown plants, animals, and microbes have found a way to survive against the odds. Some are discovered and there are many that remain undiscovered and hidden from the human eyes.

         Beat the risk of frailty with healthy heart    
WASHINGTON DC: Improving heart health could prevent frailty in old age, finds a study. The largest study of its kind, led by the University of Exeter, found that even small reductions in risk factors helped to reduce frailty, as well as dementia, chronic pain, and other disabling conditions of old age.

         Twitter to hide trolls that hurl abuse: Twitter CEO    
NEW DELHI: A new update released by Twitter on May 15 makes it difficult for the trolls that hurl abuse to be used into conversations.

         Fortnite is finally coming to Android    
NORTH CAROLINA: Currently the rage in the gaming world, Fortnite is finally coming to Android this summer so you can cling to your smartphone more than before.

         This test could detect signs of pancreatic cancer    
WASHINGTON DC: Researchers have developed a new blood test which could rapidly detect signs of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is tough to cure because it is usually not discovered until it has reached an advanced stage. But a new diagnostic test developed by researchers at UC San Diego shows promise for detecting the disease earlier.

         Aliens exist but may be in parallel Universe: Study    
LONDON: Radio astronomers from around the world have been glued to their sets for decades to listen to that one sound from somewhere in space which would prove that an alien life, sufficiently advanced, exists somewhere in our universe.

         This is your heart on nitric oxide    
WASHINGTON DC: The severity of heart disease depends on the levels of nitric oxide in the body, according to a study. Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine showed that nitric oxide may help commonly used heart drugs maximize their benefits while improving heart function.

         Is your kid's heart clock ticking right?    
WASHINGTON DC: Mother's health affects the child's well-being and proper management can prevent serious lifestyle-related diseases, such as heart disease and obesity.

         Do at-risk adolescents show depressive symptoms on social media?    
WASHINGTON DC: At-risk adolescents are less likely to exhibit depressive symptoms on social media as they age, finds a study.

         NASA launches Insight spacecraft to Mars for deepest dig yet    
WASHINGTON DC: A robotic geologist armed with a hammer and quake monitor rocketed toward Mars on Saturday, aiming to land on the red planet and explore its mysterious insides.

         Daily intake of this drug can cause certain cancers in men    
WASHINGTON DC: Daily consumption of a regular over-the-counter drug can cause certain cancers among men, a new research claims.

         A new weapon against epilepsy    
Washington D.C: A recent study has offered new hope for parents who have a child with a rare but serious form of epilepsy, epileptic encephalopathy (EE).

         Hail stone weighing three kg sign of climate change: Expert    
ITANAGAR: Hailstones weighing up to three kilograms were recently discovered in Odisha's Mayurbhanj and Balasore districts.

         PMSing? Could be because of alcohol!    
WASHINGTON DC: Alcohol intake may be linked to the premenstrual syndrome, a new research has found. According to a pooled analysis by Spanish researchers, around one in 10 cases of PMS might be linked to alcohol intake.

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