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September 22, Saturday 2018 2:13 PM       
       HEADLINES: Bishop discharged from hospital                                              Saradakkutty remembers nuns who stood with victim                                              Bishop to be presented in court after another medical check-up                                              Dieep’s former advocate to appear for bishop Franco                                              Priests ordained by Franco married, offered qurbana                                              “If church try to throw us out, we’ll face it”, say nuns                                              Russia warns US it is 'playing with fire' with sanctions                                              Batsmen have to be better prepared when they go to England next time: Dravid                                              Batsmen have to be better prepared when they go to England next time: Dravid                                              Kaumudi Facebook
         Priests ordained by Franco married, offered qurbana    
THRISSUR: The details of two priests ordained by Bishop Franco Mulackal who got married and were allowed to offer qurbana, have been revealed. The incident happened two years ago. The priests, who are natives of Thrissur got married secretly in north India. Franco gave support to them for getting married and offering qurbana. Though the issue was settled when it first came out, both the priests had to flee from the state. No information is available about them at present. Franco is a member of

         More abuse complaints against Franco, shocking details revealed    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The police have obtained more complaints against Franco Mulackal. The police are preparing to conduct a detailed investigation against the bishop in this situation. They expect more complaints against the bishop. The police has also decided to conduct the investigation on the basis of the statement of victims. The probe will be started immediately once these statements are taken and FIR is registered. Complaints have been lodged against Franco from Kerala and Jalandhar. Th

         Dieep’s former advocate to appear for bishop Franco    
KOTTAYAM: Advocate B Raman Pillai will appear for bishop Franco Mulackal in the sexual abuse case lodged by a nun. Raman Pillai had earlier appeared for actor Dileep in the actress assault case. Meantime, Franco Mulackal will be presented before the court at 12 pm. It has been hinted that the police will request the court to take him in custody for three-days. The bishop will submit a bail-plea in court. Meanwhile, Franco Mulackal was brought to Kottayam police club from the hospital. He was a

         Bishop to be presented in court after another medical check-up    
KOTTAYAM: Bishop Franco Mulackal who was admitted in Kottayam Medical College ICU due to blood pressure variation was discharged on Saturday morning. People booed at him while he came out of the hospital. He was then shifted to the police club in tight security. He will be subjected to another detailed medical evaluation in Kottayam general hospital. He will be presented before the judicial first class magistrate court in Pala at 12 pm. Bishop was brought to the police club by police led by i

         Keralites salute sister Anupama    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala is saluting all the nuns who stood together with the victim who was sexually abused by Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulackal. The protest of the nun was led by sister Anupama and social media is applauding her efforts. She is being appreciated for her involvement even though she knew that she would not even have a pace in the cemetery if the church throws her out. “Bravest women we’ve ever seen”, people call her now in the social media. More and more posts are comi

         Saradakkutty remembers nuns who stood with victim    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A protest that has been witnessed by the state is coming to an end with bishop Franco Mulackal’s arrest. Five nuns came forward and staged protest on the streets when political parties, church and the police stood silent in the issue. The people of Kerala also supported them. Franco was finally arrested because of the fire in their protest. Writer Saradakkutty has written about the five nuns who stood together with the victim in a Facebook post. She said that the nuns hav

         Bishop discharged from hospital    
KOTTAYAM: Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulackal, who was arrested on Friday in connection with the sexual abuse case lodged by the nun was discharged from Kottayam medical college at 7:30 am on Saturday. He was discharged since the doctors did not find any medical issues in the evaluation conducted in the morning. He was shifted to the hospital on Friday after his blood pressure was recorded as 200 and variation was found in ECG. He was under medical observation for almost six hours. Blood pressur

         Abhilash Tomy injured as storm hits Golden Globe Race    
PERTH: The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is co-ordinating the rescue of injured skipper Abhilash Tomy — described as one of India’s most prominent sailors — who hasn’t been heard from since reporting a sailing injury overnight. A code red alert has been issued after the solo skipper sent a dramatic text message sounding the alarm. It could take days for rescuers to reach Commander Tomy who had been competing in the Golden Globe Race at the time of his injury. The 39-year-old I

         Even after three weeks, Modi’s positive energy still envelopes me: Mohanlal    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Mohanlal recalls his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently and he shares an aspect on it in his blog. Mohanlal describes the day as the most valuable day in his life. “Even after three weeks, that positive energy is still within me. Whenever I stand close to a big personality or say good bye to him or her, there will be a subtle positive energy within me. I’ve experienced that. There is no caste or politics to positive energy. It flows from man’s sincer

         Malayalis who dabble in social media shouldn't fail to notice Vishnu's plight in Saudi    
RIYADH: Alappuzha native Vishnu Dev had to be behind bars in Saudi recently just because he had sent some ‘defamatory’ messages through social media. The UAE court ordered a punishment of five-year imprisonment and one and a half lakh riyal fine for this youth engineer. The plight of this youth should be seen as a warning by NRIs who come to work in the Gulf that has harsh law and merciless punishments.

         PC George alleges police forged evidence against bishop Franco    
KOTTAYAM: P C George MLA has come out with statements in support of Bishop Franco, who has been accused of raping a nun multiple times. He held a press conference here on Friday to say that the police had been trying to create fake evidence against the bishop.

         Fr Franco, who kept cops at tenterhooks for hours    
KOCHI: There is a less-known side story in the arrest episode of Bishop Franco Mulackal, who has been accused of raping a nun for multiple times. From Jalandhar, the bishop meekly and covertly landed in Kerala, dressed like an ordinary civilian. Though he reached Kerala on September 18, his every move was cautiously made, keeping the police clueless about his whereabouts.

         Puttu, Mung beans, Uppumavu, Oats – this the new menu of Ayurveda College hospital    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The in-patients of Government Ayurveda hospital can now savour Puttu, Mung beans, Uppumavu and Oats. The government has decided to bid adieu to bread pieces that used to be a main item in the menu for admitted patients. The reformed diet plan is for the in-patients of Ayurveda hospitals under State Bharatheeya treatment department.

         Man commits financial fraud pretending to be MLA’s personal staff    
PATHANAMTHITTA: The police have started searching for man who committed financial fraud of several lakh rupees pretending to be MLA’s personal staff. He has been identified as Bijo Mathew, native of Arattupuzha. He was pretending to be a personal staff member of Aranmula MLA Veena George. He had swindled an amount of Rs 6 lakhs. Complaints have been lodged against him alleging that he cheated three Thiruvalla natives and cheated them by offering them jobs. He cheated 1.65 lakh rupees from th

         Kodiyeri, pleasing Christians not as easy as pleasing Muslims: Ali Akbar    
Malayalam film director Ali Akbar has alleged that the CPM has been trying to stand by nun rape case accused Bishop Franco, throughout the case. “After taking sides with the accused, the party has been trying to create loop holes for facilitating the escape of the accused in the first phase. When the BJP stood by the victim in the abuse case, the CPM thought that the Church would turn against the BJP.

         Bishop’s arrest is not result of anyone’s strike: Cheriyan Philip    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The arrest of Bishop Franco Mulackal in the nun rape case is not the result of anybody’s strike, Left co-traveller Cheriyan Philip has said.

         Kadakampally supports Kodiyeri; govt with victim, says Jayarajan    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The internal clashes among ministers about the controversial remark of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan about the protest staged by the nuns seeking arrest of Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulackal has become a new headache for the government. While ministers E P Jayarajan and Mecykkutty Amma have denied the stand of Kodiyeri, Kadakampalli Surendran has supported him. Minister E P Jayarajan told that the government is with the victim and the investigation is going forward in the right path.

         Bishop Franco’s arrest recorded at 8 pm    
Though there was a private TV channel report that nun rape case accused bishop Franco Mulackal's arrest was recorded at 5pm, later reports said the arrest is yet to be recorded . The report even said that arrest was recorded by Kottayam DySP K Subhash after two-and-a-half day long interrogation.

         Captain Raju's funeral on Friday    
KOCHI: Malayalam actor captain Raju's funeral will be conducted on Friday evening. He had passed away on Monday. His son Ravi Raj has reached home from the US on Thursday. The body will be kept in Ernakulam North Town Hall from 7.45 am to 10 am for the public to pay homage. Directors including Blessy, Sibi Malayil script writer SN Swami, AMMA general secretary Idavela Babu, actors Tini Tom and Baburaj reached town hall and paid homages to Raju. The body will be kept at the govtment higher

         Justice will give way to powerful people: Vellappalli Nateshan    
KOLLAM: SNDP Yogam General Secretary Vellappally Nateshan has come forward against the delay in arresting Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulackal. “Justice giving way for powerful people is usual. If the accused were common men, they would have been already arrested. SNDP has no particular opinion about the protest of the nuns”, clarified Vellappalli. Meantime, CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan alleged that several people are trying to make the protest of nuns against government. Kodiyer

         Left govt will not try to end protest of nuns, if they try, it should not be allowed: Saradakkutty    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Writer Saradakkutty has come forward with strong support to the protest of the nuns in Kochi seeking legal action against Jalandhar bishop in the sexual abuse case. She said that she will give strong support to the protest until they get justice and she also demanded that everyone should support the nuns. “This is a life-death struggle. Money, position, influence, political influence or physical power should not be the norms for justice. Nobody else should face such disgrac

         Harish Vasudevan mocks Kodiyeri    
KOCHI: Advocate Hareesh Vasudevan has come forward as against Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who had said that the protest of nuns is unnecessary and part of political conspiracy. “Like a popular Malayalam movie dialogue by Jagathy Sreekumar all I have to say is that their needs might be unnecessary for you”, said Hareesh Vasudevan. He also mocked Kodiyeri by asking him to buy a soda for bishop Franco who currently resides in a star hotel.

         Govt is with the victim: E P Jayarajan    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Minister E P Jayarajan has come forward against CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who criticized the protest of nuns seeking arrest of Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulackal. He told reporters that the government is with the victim and the investigation is on the right path. “The government is with the victim. Accused will be punished whoever it is. No one has complaints about the investigation right now. Even the protesters are satisfied with the probe and they are not

         SI transferred for charging case against CPM MLA    
MUNNAR: Munnar Sub Inspector K J Varghese was transferred to Kattappana for charging a non-bailable warrant against the CPM MLA S Rajendran for trespassing to Munnar tribunal court. Meantime, police explanation is that the transfer is not a punishment. High officials have clarified that the transfer was given as per the request of the SI. They say that SI requested transfer since he resides at Mundakkayam near Kattappana. However, sources close to police say that the transfer is a punishment for

         Gas leak after tanker lorry overturns in Malappuram    
MALAPPURAM: Gas leaked after a tanker lorry overturned on the national highway at Panambra. The lorry met with the accident at 3:30 am on Friday in Paanambra while it was going from Mangalore to Indian Oil corporation plant in Irumbanam, Kochi. Gas leakage following the accident caused panic. The police and fire force reached the spot and started controlling the gas leakage. People residing within a range of 500 metres around the accident spot have been shifted to safe places. Power supply was a

         ‘Global Salary Challenge for rebuilding Kerala’, CM seeks help from expats    
NEWYORK: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has sought help from US expats to rebuild Kerala by requesting Keralites in US to participate in ‘Global Salary Challenge’. The chief minister was addressing Keralite community in Rockland after completing his treatment in US. “Kerala is on a path of survival. US Keralites should also cooperate with Kerala’s attempts to survive this huge disaster. Crowd funding is necessary for rebuilding Kerala and the government will coordinate the reconstruct

         Muraleedharan sold first prize winning ticket to Vathsala    
THRISSUR: Vathsala Vijayan, native of Thrissur has won Onam bumber first prize worth ten crore rupees. Vathsala was residing in a rented house with her three children in Chittilappally, Thrissur. That is when they won the Onam bumber first prize worth ten crore rupees. The ticket was sold to Vathsala by Muraleedharan. He will receive an amount of Rs 1 crore as commission. Muraleedharan sent the lottery ticket from S S Maniyan agencies in West Fort, Thrissur. Muraleedharan said that he is receiv

         Women will be safe only if govt has will power: Justice Kamal Pasha    
KOCHI: Justice Kamal Pasha has come forward criticizing the police in the issue of Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulackal. “Arrest of the accused need not be delayed saying that the case is under the consideration of the court. If the court has postponed hearing the case, then it cannot be viewed as anticipatory bail. The state police know this, they are just pretending that they do not know this. People’s belief in the court is being lost because of this”, said Kamal Pasha while speaking at a s

         Won’t protect accused in sexual abuse case even if he’s priest or muqri: Kodiyeri    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that everyone who is accused in sexual abuse cases will be brought before justice. No benefits will be obtained from the government and the accused won’t be protected even if he is a priest or muqri, said Kodiyeri. Meantime, the decision to arrest Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulackal is getting delayed. The investigation team completed the interrogation on Thursday which took seven hours to complete. Bishop returned to hotel in M

         Even branch committee leaders of CPM will join BJP if they’re invited: Sreedharan Pillai    
THRISSUR: BJP state president P S Sreedharan Pillai said that even branch committee leaders of CPM will join BJP if they’re invited. “I do not want to create controversy by naming anyone. We have not targeted anyone as well. We are with the people”, said Pillai. “We have many popular leaders. We welcome others because our inclusive nature. New KPCC executive committee list show their weakness. I understand that a leader in Kannur threw his phone when he heard the news. BJP welcomes any

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