House GOP subpoenas ex-lawyer to probe Trump impeachment

WASHINGTON — House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Thursday issued a subpoena to the former New York prosecutor who led the investigation into Donald Trump’s finances and publicly criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brock for not indicting the former president sooner.

A Letter With the subpoena, Jordan told former New York District Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz that his previous role in the DA’s office, leading the investigation into Trump’s finances, “is uniquely positioned to provide relevant and necessary information” to the panel’s investigation into Prague. The case against Trump.

Jordan asked Pomerantz, who abruptly resigned from the DA’s office last year, to testify. Last month’s letter.

In his letter Thursday, Pomerantz said he rejected the group Request “At the direction” of the DA’s office, Pomerantz argued that he had already discussed much of the information the team was seeking in a book published in February and in media interviews.

“Consequently, you have no basis to refuse to testify before the committee about matters you have already discussed in your book and/or on a prime-time television show with a panel of millions of viewers. There is no duty of confidentiality or privileged interest,” Jordan wrote.

The subpoena calls for Pomerantz to appear before the panel for a deposition.

Jordan, a Trump ally, argued that Pomerantz’s book “reveals” the extent to which Prague’s impeachment against Trump “appears to be politically motivated.”

Before Trump was impeached, “People Vs. Donald Trump,” Pomerantz, who led the investigation into Trump’s alleged financial crimes, accused Bragg of not acting quickly enough to indict the former president.

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Bragg “fails to recognize that this case must be brought to justify the rule of law and to demonstrate to the public that no one can be above the law,” Pomerantz wrote.

Pomerantz did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jordan said his committee’s investigation “considered constitutional reforms that, if implemented, would protect current and former presidents from politically motivated state and local lawsuits.”

Pomerantz led a team under Bragg’s predecessor, Cy Vance, that eventually accused the Trump Organization of fraud. However, Pomeranz resigned from office in February 2022, a month after Bragg took office.

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